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Alumni Spotlight
Cara Castellana, Honors class of 2006
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Alumni and Friends

This is an exciting time for Honors alumni and friends as the FSU Honors Program works to develop opportunities to stay connected with the FSU Honors community. Read below to learn how to connect and stay involved with current FSU honors students and other FSU alumni, and explore the whole website to learn more about the current Honors Program.

With your help and support, we hope to build an even stronger relationship between our alumni and current Honors students that will ensure the continuity of FSU’s tradition of promoting undergraduate excellence.

Ways to Connect and Stay Involved

1. Join the Friends of Honors and Scholars (FHS):  This newly formed organization will provide FSU alumni and friends opportunities to stay connected with the FSU Honors and Scholars community and provide support for outstanding FSU students. We also plan to feature FHS members and their after-graduation success stories in an annual member’s newsletter. To learn more about FHS membership and its benefits, click on this link: You can also let us know what is new with you by completing the Alumni Contact Form.

2. Sponsor an Intern:  Internships can provide valuable experience for students in many fields. We are always looking to provide such opportunities for our motivated Honors students. Internships can be paid or unpaid positions, and they can be for any length of time. If you can offer such a position in your profession or field, please contact us at honors@fsu.edu. Include a brief paragraph describing the nature of the internship, location, preferred hours, minimum qualifications/skills, whether the internship is paid or volunteer, and your contact Information. We will contact you and with your approval will post the information; interested students will respond directly to you.

3. Serve as Mentor:  If you would like to visit campus to speak to or hold a workshop for honors student in majors related to your field please contact us at honors@fsu.edu. Presentations can also be arranged via skype in lieu of a campus visit.

Other Ideas or Suggestions?
If you have other ideas about how to support the FSU Honors Program or suggestions about how to strengthen the relationships between present and past students, please contact the Honors Office at honors@fsu.edu or at (850) 644-1841.