Honors Liaisons

Accounting Dr. Bruce Billings
Art (BFA/BA in Studio Art and Graphic Design) Dr. Carolyn Henne
Art History Dr.Lauren Weingarden
Biological Sciences Dr. Janie Wulff
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Dr. Rufina Alamo
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Ken Goldsby
Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Amy Chan Hilton
Classics Dr.Jim Sickinger
Communications Dr. Patrick Merle
Communication Science and Disorders Dr. Shannon Hall-Mills
Computational Science Dr. John Burkardt
Computer Science Dr. Daniel Schwartz
Dance Dr. Hannah Schwadron
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science- Environmental Science Professor Jeff Chanton
Earth, Ocean and Atmospherica Science - Meteorology Professor Jon Ahlquist
Economics Dr. Michael Hammock
Electrical and Computer Engineering  
English Dr. Maxine Montgomery
Film School(Motion Picture Arts) Dr. Valliere Richard
Finance Dr. William Christiansen
Geography Dr. J. Anthony Stallins
German Dr. Winnifred Adolph
History Dr. Jonathan Grant
Hospitality Dr. Jane Ohlin
Humanities Dr. Kathyrn Stoddard
Information Technology Dr. Paul Marty
Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Dr. Elizabeth Foster
Interior Design Dr. Lisa Waxman
International Affairs Dr. Whitney Bendeck
Italian Dr. Mark Pietralunga
Management Dr. Bruce Lamont
Management Information Systtems (MIS) Dr. Deborah Armstrong
Marketing Dr. Luke Hopkins
Music Dr. Nancy Rogers
Nursing Dr. Jim Whyte
Nutrition, Food and Exercise Science Dr. Jasminka Ilich-Ernst
Philosophy Dr. John Roberts
Physics Dr. Andrew Askew
Political Science Dr. Christopher Reenock
Psychology Dr. Wally Boot
Religion Dr. Joseph Helweg
Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) Dr. Dean Gatzlaff
Russian Dr. Nina Efimov
Social Work Dr. Pamela Graham
Sociology Dr.Alisa Weinberg
Spanish Dr. Roberto Fernandez
Theatre Dr. Beth Osborne
Women's Studies Dr. Maxine Jones
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