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Honors Housing

Landis Hall: Honors students are eligible to live in Landis Hall, which is situated on Landis Green at the heart of FSU’s main campus.  This hall, the traditional home of Honors students since 1955, recently underwent an $18 million renovation and is still the premier on-campus residence.   

Gilchrist Hall also houses Honors students and is conveniently located adjacent to Landis
Hall.  The two halls enjoy a shared study which allows Honors students living in either residence hall to easily gather with classmates and friends.  

The Landis and Gilchrist residential communities provide special activities and a supportive environment for the highly-motivated students in the University Honors Program.  Residents often form study groups with other Honors students, and they organize shared social activities throughout the school year.  The halls’ central locations also make it convenient for classes, labs, dining, and the library.

Admission: Living in Landis or Gilchrist Hall is optional for Honors students; however, admission into the Honors program does not guarantee placement in either residence hall.  Priority for all on-campus housing, including Landis or Gilchrist, is based on the date that the housing application is received.  Prospective students may request a Landis Hall assignment before they receive a decision letter regarding Honors admission.

For further information, visit http://www.housing.fsu.edu/ or contact the University Housing Office at housinginfo@admin.fsu.edu.