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Study Abroad Opportunities for Honors Students

Florida State University’s International Programs offer an ideal combination of traditional and contemporary education—in Old World countries of Europe, in nations both ancient and emerging such as China and Russia, and in Central and South America’s rich and vibrant cultures. Students participating in these programs live and study in the midst of incomparable academic resources: art works, architecture, and museums and libraries, as well as institutions of government, commerce, and learning. They enjoy small classes and extraordinary research opportunities, and they return well prepared for careers or for graduate school.

The Honors Office, International Program, and International Exchange Program work together to make sure that University Honors and Honors in the Major students can avail of these unique opportunities.   Please note the following:

Bess H. Ward Honors Travel Scholarships

Bess Ward Honors Travel Scholarships are competitive and are offered annually to outstanding University Honors and Honors in the Major students. This one time only Honors scholarship helps cover travel costs and personal expenses for one semester (fall, spring, or summer) for Honors students attending an FSU International Program or International Exchange Program in any location.

Stipend amounts vary, depending on the length of the program, but they generally are $1,000 for full semester study abroad programs and $500 for shorter summer programs. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 12 hours of FSU Coursework and two Honors courses.

For more information on these scholarships, visit the Honors Blackboard site, or contact the Honors Office at honors@fsu.edu.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

International Programs Anniversary Scholarships: In fall and spring semesters, up to 6 scholarships will be awarded.  Denominations vary from $4,000-$7,500 per student based on need and applicant pool.  In the summer, awards from $1,500-$5,000 per student will be made based on need, applicant pool, and fall/spring totals.

ACC Scholarship: Two $2,500 awards per academic year.  Awards are merit based and available for fall, spring, and summer (summer contingent upon availability of funds).

For more information on these scholarship opportunities, contact the Office of International Programs at Intprog1@admin.fsu.edu.