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FSU has a long history of providing recognition and support for outstanding students through its honors programs. Our associate and assistant directors have extensive experience working with all aspects of the honors program to help students succeed at FSU and in their post-graduate lives and careers. We have three full-time honors-dedicated faculty members, who teach cutting-edge interdisciplinary core honors courses that extend beyond the classroom through our extra- and co-curricular experiences. Our Assistant Director of Alumni and Student Engagement creates connections between alumni and current students to provide mentorship and engagement opportunities. The Director of the Honors Program is dedicated to facilitating the success and well-being of honors students through the development of programs that meet the unique needs of our students.  Our collective work is inspired by the values, mission, and vision of the Honors Program at FSU.



The FSU Honors Program enriches the educational experience of intellectually curious and motivated students through four core values: personal and intellectual growth, an engaged and inclusive community, interdisciplinarity, and diversity of individuals and perspectives.



The FSU Honors program identifies intellectually curious students who have the potential, dedication, and drive for creating change and provides them with holistic development through enriching experiences in and beyond the classroom. We offer training, support, and opportunities to develop students who are scholars, leaders, innovators, and lifelong learners.



By offering an integrative curriculum and cultivating a vibrant, outward-looking community, the FSU Honors Program develops innovative thinkers who are socially responsible global citizens. In the process, we attend to the needs of the whole student through integrated processes of student-focused pedagogy and curriculum, mentoring, and community engagement within and outside of Honors.


Today the university supports that mission through two well-established and highly successful programs: the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major Program . We also offer an enriched curricular experience for incoming honors students, the Honors Experience Program. After exploring our website, if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at honors@fsu.edu .

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