Staff & Faculty

Honors Director 


Dr. Craig Filar, Honors Interim Director

Craig Filar, Ph.D.

Interim Director


Honors Staff


Photo of Jeff Badger, which links to Jeff Badger's personal profile page.

Jeff Badger

Associate Director


Tanner Barnes, Honors Advisor


Tanner Barnes

Honors Program Advisor

Anna Brooks

Graduate Assistant


Photo of Katie Femrite (formerly Katie Mikusak), which links to her personal profile page.

Katie Femrite

Assistant Director


Haley Iliff, Honors Advisor


Haley Iliff

Honors Program Advisor



Julia Pennington, Assistant Director


Julia Pennington

Assistant Director 


Emily Pope

Program Associate

Brian Wilcoxon, Ph.D., Assistant Director

Brian Wilcoxon

Assistant Director


Honors Alumni Staff


Amy Haggard, Director of Alumni and Student Engagement-Photo and link to Amy Haggard's bio

Amy Haggard

Associate Director, Alumni and Student Engagement


Honors in the Major Faculty


Michael Franklin, Ph.D.-Honors in the Major Faculty-Photo link to personal profile page.

Michael David Franklin, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Honors in the Major
Honors Faculty


Honors Core Faculty


Dr. Michael Furman, Honors Core Faculty

Michael Furman, Ph.D.
Kellogg Bldg, Rm. 408


Dr. Azat Gundogan- Photo link to his personal profile page.

Azat Gündoğan, Ph.D.
Honors Suite, HSF 2003

Dr. Ross Moret-Photo link to his personal profile page.

Ross Moret, Ph.D.
Landis Hall, Rm. 103


Dr. Christina Owens- Photo link to her personal profile page.

Christina Owens, Ph.D.
Honors Suite, HSF 2003


Honors Teaching Scholars Faculty


Ken Baldauf Photo and Link to his bio page-Director of Innovation Hub and Honors Teaching Scholar

Ken Baldauf

Director, Innovation Hub
Shores Building, Rm. 123 

Image Link for Dr. Kathleen Burnett, Honors Teaching Scholar & FSU School of Information Director. Link to Bio as well.

Kathleen Burnett, Ph.D.

Director, School of Information 
Shores Building, Rm. 258D 


Honors Teaching Scholar-Chris Coutts, PhD-Photo link to his personal profile page.

Chris Coutts, Ph.D

Professor, Department of Urban & Regional Planning
Bellamy Building, Rm. 350



Dr. Carolina González, Department of Modern Languages

Carolina González, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics
Diffenbaugh Bldg, Rm. 322


Honors Teaching Scholar-Tarez Graban, PhD. Photo link to her personal profile page.

Tarez Graban, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of English/Co-Director, Demos Project for Studies in the Data Humanities
Williams Building, Rm. 221


Dr. Misha Laurents, Ph.D.

Misha Laurents, Ph.D.

Teaching Professor, School of Information
Diffenbaugh Bldg, Rm. 420 D


Image of Dr. Paul Marty, Honors Teaching Scholar and Professor in the School of Information at FSU. Link to Dr. Marty's Profile page, which includes bio, courses taught within Honors Program, and his curriculum vitae.

Paul Marty, Ph.D.

Professor, School of Information
Shores Building, Rm. 240



Tyler McCreary, Ph.D.-Honors Teaching Scholar Photo link to his personal profile page.

Tyler McCreary, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
850-644-1706 (main office)
Bellamy Building, Rm. 309


G. Kurt Piehler, Ph.D. -Associate Professor of History and Honors Teaching Scholar. Also link to profile page.

G. Kurt Piehler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of History
Director, Institute of WWII and the Human Experience
Bellamy Building, Rm. 414



Honors Teaching Scholar-Nora Underwood, PhD. Photo link to her personal profile page.

Nora Underwood, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Biological Science
King Life Sciences Building, Rm. 4008

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