Why Honors?

The Honors Program is a caring community of dedicated faculty, staff and talented students providing support to aspiring scholars. We are located in the Honors, Scholars and Fellows House, a building designed to foster cooperation, achievement and intellectual curiosity. Students are encouraged to participate in Honors via two paths, University Honors and Honors in the major. Students can achieve their full academic potential by completing the coursework of University Honors and satisfy their intellectual curiosity by engaging in research projects or creative endeavors outside the classroom via Honors in the Major.


University Honors

Students typically enter University Honors out of high school or after their first semester at FSU. The requirement to graduate with the University Honors medallion is the accumulation of 18 points. Honors courses typically have no more than 25 students to provide personal contact with faculty. Students are required to take at least one E-series honors course. E-series courses focus on broad questions and are designed to foster critical thinking about contemporary issues. Examples of popular E-series courses are “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” and “The Hunger Games and Social Movements”. In addition to courses, other ways to earn honors points are community service, serving as a FIG or UROP leader, participating in UROP, and presenting your research at a conference.


Honors in the Major

Students that enter the Honors Program through Honors in the Major design a research or creative project under the direction of a faculty thesis director (in their major or related discipline). Through the process of writing a prospectus, completing the project, writing a thesis, and defending their work in front of a committee of faculty, students become active participants in the academic process. Honors in the Major is typically reserved for junior and senior students.

Also housed within the Honors Program are the Presidential Scholars, Honors Legal Scholars, and Honors Medical Scholars Programs. Presidential Scholars receive the premier scholarship on campus. In addition, they are given funding for educational enrichment opportunities including international experiences, research and creative projects, service learning projects or public service, internships and entrepreneurial development. The Honors Legal Scholars and Honors Medical Scholars Programs provide opportunities for students intending to pursue law school or medical school upon graduation.