COVID-19 Information

University Honors Program

Honors Advising. FSU Honors Program faculty and staff are working virtually to help you succeed in honors and in your academic career. Details about how to contact advisors and/or set up advising appointments are here:

Advising appointments and drop-in advising are available through Zoom. Information on using and troubleshooting Zoom can be found here:

Service Requirements. Please see updated temporary policies on service hours here.

Honors Courses. As with all FSU courses, honors courses are being offered remotely, including Honors Experience Program (HEP) courses. Please be sure to keep up with all deadlines and augment contracts by logging in to the course sites (ideally twice per day), engaging in all course-related work and activities, reading all course-related email, and contacting instructors as soon as possible if you have any problems accessing or completing remote work or have questions about grading or other course-related issues.

Support for Your Well-Being. Many students are experiencing stress and uncertainty from needing to adjust so many plans and routines. Support for your FSU experience, career counseling, and stress management strategies can be found here:

Students who need help with financial issues, need support for technological issues (getting access, solving tech problems), or other larger-scale university issues should visit:

Honors in the Major Program

Completing your Thesis. If you are pursuing your Honors in the Major (HITM) thesis and plan to graduate in the fall 2020 semester, we offer two new options for completing your thesis:

  1. Remote Defense. If you need to defend your HITM thesis during the fall semester, you may defend your thesis using Zoom, a remote meeting tool that is supported by FSU’s IT and office of ODL. Students and thesis committees should ideally access Zoom by logging in to FSU (behind FSU’ security firewall). Please work with your thesis director to schedule the defense via Zoom In consultation with your thesis director please feel free to use other virtual means for your defense but Zoom seems to be most stable and is supported by FSU.

If you wish to finish on the original time schedule but will have difficulty completing data collection and analysis, please contact your thesis director immediately to discuss alternative plans for completing your thesis, whether through remote methods or by modifying your thesis goals and scope.

If your defense schedule has changed, please contact Dr. Franklin in the HITM office (see below).

  1. Complete and defend the thesis after graduation. This new policy is offered so that students can focus on meeting graduation requirements and allows additional time past graduation to work on the thesis and receive transcript notation for this distinction. See details about this option here.

We will continue to communicate with departments about these options, but feel free to share this information with your thesis directors and committee members directly.

HITM support and advising. If you have questions about anything related to HITM theses or to make an advising appointment by Zoom or telephone, email Dr. Michael David Franklin at He will respond to your email in one to two business days.

Or, feel free to drop by the virtual HITM office hours with Dr. Franklin. The fall office hours and the Zoom link are:

If you have questions related to University policies and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic, please review the FSU Coronavirus updates page here:



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