Dr. Michael Franklin Awarded Grant from FSU Libraries

"Dr. Michael Franklin, Honors and Honors in the Major faculty"

Dr. Michael Franklin Awarded PEN & Inc Grant from FSU Libraries

January 4, 2022

Dr. Michael Franklin, Honors and Honors in the Major faculty member, has been awarded a Project Enhancement Network & Incubator (PEN & Inc) grant from FSU Libraries to work on a digital web site for the summer 2022 exhibition at FSU’s Museum of Fine Arts, tentatively titled “Naiad Press and Tallahassee Lesbian Communities, 1980 to 2003.” This exhibition will use oral histories, cultural artifacts, and visual materials to explore the social experiences of women-loving women who lived in the Tallahassee region sometime between 1980 and 2003 and who had involvement with Naiad Press, which was the largest publisher of lesbian fiction and non-fiction in the world and which was headquartered in Tallahassee. The exhibition will invite visitors to explore oral history excerpts and Naiad Press’s cultural output to gain an impression of the lesbian communities and social spaces which existed in and around Tallahassee during these two decades.

Dr. Franklin has been collaborating with honors students to gather oral histories of women who were involved in Naiad Press. The funding and mentorship from the PEN & Inc award will support their collaborative development of a digital companion to the physical museum exhibition. This digital web site, in turn, will lay groundwork for future public history digital humanities projects that he and honors students may complete as part of the ongoing LGBT Oral History Project of North Florida that Dr. Franklin founded in partnership with FSU Special Collections in 2020.


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