Fall 2021 Graduates


University Honors

Catherine Adams Media/Communications Studies
Jade Ahneman Theatre & Psychology
Hudson Barthes Psychology & Creative Writing
Parker Braun Digital Media Production & Psychology
Kaci Brisco Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Karyna Bugos Biological Science
Christopher Camacho Behavioral Neuroscience
Andrew Colvin Accounting & Finance
Alexis Cox Biological Science
Eric Cruz Murphy Biology
William Ferguson International Affairs & Economics
Cassandra Ferrer Music Therapy
Nicole Ford Biological Science
Katherine Gilchrist Philosophy
Alyssa Hatfield Criminology
Isabel Hautmann Studio Art -BA & Biological Science
Elizabeth Hodgson Biological Science
Sean Hopkins International Affairs
Katherine Hoskinson Business Management & Psychology
Emma Huff Biological Science
Lauren Keith Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Julian Lazcano Finance
Kayla Lewis Political Science & Marketing
Annika Lundberg Biological Science
Sobia Mahboob Clinical Professions
Iman Majid Exercise Physiology
Caroline Noonan Criminology and Criminal Justice & Accounting
Reagan Olenick Media/Communication Studies
Natasha Peet Behavioral Neuroscience
Skylar Perry Biological Science
Gabriel Perry Criminology & Sociology
Casey Peterson International Affairs
Kayla Pfeffer Actuarial Science
Aiden Polak Interdisciplinary Social Science
Kaia Richmond Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Tasha Rivera BME - General Music Education
Carlos Rodriguez Management Information Systems & Marketing
Elyssa Rodriguez Psychology
Christopher Ruckdeschel Management
Brianna Sanchez Political Science & English-Literature, Media and Culture
Lillian Savage Public Health & Political Science
Beth Skinner Civil Engineering
Tyler Stewart Economics
Tyler Stuck Psychology
Alyson Urbaniak History
Ivy Van Dyke Finance & Real Estate
Ryan Welch Political Science
Joanne Zhao IMS Clinical Professions

Honors in the Major

Samantha Allen Criminology & Psychology
Paxton Blair International Affairs & Political Science
Adam Dawoud Behavioral Neuroscience
Manuela Espinosa Editing, Writing, and Media & Political Science
Kiera Garvin Studio Art
Macie Lavender Political Science, Middle Eastern Studies & International Affairs
Meagan McLaughlin International Affairs & Political Science
Adrian Neely Economics
Alex Ramos Digital Media Production & Philosophy
Chani Stark Psychology
Julia Turner Public Health
Fabian Valentin International Affairs

Dual Honors

Ashley Douglas Psychology & Religion
Tanvi Marulendra Computational Biology & Environmental Science and Policy
Hanna Franz Environmental Science

Outstanding Senior Scholars

Aryanna Clark Media/Communications Studies
Rosalind Helsinger Creative Writing
Alexa Scalchunes International Affairs
Mariella Soto Biological Science
Megan Wright Instrumental Music Education




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