Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions you might have regarding the Honors Experience Program. Should you have additional questions, please contact the Honors Program at or call our main office at (850) 644-1841, and we would be happy to assist you.

Download the Honors Experience Program Frequently Asked Questions PDF document.

How are students selected for the Honors Experience Program?

Students indicate on their honors application whether they are interested in joining the HEP. Students who are accepted into the HEP are required to enroll in at least one HEP course their first semester in honors (with exceptions for students in the First Year Abroad International Programs or other significant mitigating circumstances).

What are the expectations of the traditional University Honors Program compared to the HEP?

In order to get the most out of this cutting-edge honors program, students who choose to participate in HEP are expected to complete three HEP courses by the end of their fourth semester in the FSU Honors Program. By taking three HEP courses early in their program, students earn 9 of 18 points required to complete the honors program, putting them well on their way to finishing honors before they enter their majors. Based on data from the first two HEP cohorts, by the end of their third semester students enrolled in the HEP earned an average of four honors credits more toward completion of the honors program than their same-class counterparts did.

If students are not interested in the HEP courses, then what?

Students can opt out of the HEP program, which is currently a pilot program. However, because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have gotten from HEP students and the fact that enrolling in HEP courses expedites their progress toward the completion of honors, we expect that the HEP curriculum requirements will soon define honors retention and completion requirements overall.

Do students enrolled in HEP also take other honors courses?

Yes, honors students must take the honors colloquium in the fall of their first year in the honors program. First Time in College (FTIC) honors students are required to complete an honors section of ENC2135, a research-writing course unique to FSU, which prepares them for success in all of their courses at FSU and provides a strong foundation for post-graduate work. The ability to communicate effectively in writing is one of the top characteristics sought by employers and is important for success on the job. By design, HEP courses help students develop and practice writing and other skills that provide an excellent foundation for post-graduation success. Aside from the HEP courses, honors students have the advantage of being able to enroll in honors sections of many other courses, including those that count toward their major. Nearly all honors course sections are normally capped at 19 students during the fall and 24 in the spring, allowing for an intimate and focused learning experience. The few exceptions include honors sections of major pre-requisite courses often taught in large (100+) lecture sections; the corresponding honors sections are typically capped at 35-40 students.

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