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Florida State University Honors Program

October 24 at 7:00 AM

Read about the news enhanced Honors program and the people behind it in this article.

August 29 at 7:05 PM · 

Congratulations to Honors Student Simone Marguerite Burgin and Honors Professor Ross Moret for their paper, which was published in an edition of Religions!

Dr. Moret joined the Honors Program this summer as part of the new Honors Experience Program but has worked with honors students before as a research mentor for UROP, which is run through the FSU Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement. We love seeing the results of the unique research mentoring experiences available to our undergraduate students.


Intercultural Struggle and the Targeting of Noncombatants: The Case of the Islamic State

The prohibition against targeting noncombatants is a long-held commitment in both Muslim and Western military ethics. Nevertheless, some militant Muslim groups, and particularly the Islamic State, have created ever-widening space for attacking those traditionally considered immune from targeting in....

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