Priscilla Reyes

Priscilla Reyes

Major: Public Health   Minor: Chemistry

Campus and Community Involvement: Founder of Student Organization, Make Medicine Human; USSTRIDE (FSU College of Medicine's Outreach Program); UROP Participant; UROP Leader; American Medical Women's Association; FSU/FAMU Global Health Collaboration Project

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2024

Priscilla Reyes, honors student and Public Health major, has fully immersed herself in her short time thus far at Florida State University, whether it be researching hypertension with the FSU/FAMU Global Health Collaboration Project, creating a student organization for pre-med majors to learn more about treating patients with compassion, or participating in an externship at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with the Internal Medicine Unit. After Priscilla graduates from FSU in Spring 2024, she hopes to attend medical school. Below is an e-interview conducted by honors work study student, Thalia Valdes, with Priscilla to learn more about her experiences at FSU and the Honors Program.

"My future aspirations consist of not only continuing the path towards medical school, but to maintain and further develop myself into an individual [in whom] people can find community and feel loved and appreciated— to me that’s more important." - Priscilla Reyes

Tell me a bit about yourself. 

"My name is Priscilla Reyes and I was born in Costa Rica. When I was three months old my family moved to [The United States]. When I turned twelve, we decided to move back to Costa Rica. Finally, we decided as a family to complete my high school education in Florida, [and] moved to Orlando when I was seventeen years old. My interests beyond academics include spending my time with my family, reading, and visiting art museums!"

What is your major, and what led you to select it?

"My major is Public Health with a minor in Chemistry. I chose Public Health because I believe that a focus on community health and organization will prepare me to be a future health care provider who better understands the patients' needs. I chose to minor in chemistry because I honestly love chemistry!"

Tell me about your experiences with the Honors Program. 

"The Honors Program has enabled me to meet exceptional students who really show kindness and understanding towards their peers."

Can you tell me more about your organization, “Make Medicine Human”? 

"Make Medicine Human was created during my freshman year at FSU. This organization has the goal of fostering listening skills by inviting monthly speakers who live with a disease or disability to speak about their experience in healthcare to pre-health students. We meet through Zoom once a month and a typical meeting consists of a PowerPoint presentation in which various topics are highlighted and discussed by the speaker. These topics include: 'My experience in healthcare: the good/ugly' and 'What I wish my future health care professionals understood'...I created this club because I truly believe that empathy is encouraged through [hearing others' stories]...My long-term goal with this organization is for future health care providers to remember the stories they listened to and as a result- make medicine more human!"

What is the scope of your UROP project?

"I am currently working on the Global Health Collaboration Project with the FSU College of Medicine and FAMU. I am on the hypertension team where we are focusing on the village in Gracias a Dios, Honduras!"

Why did you choose to become a UROP Leader?

"I want to be a UROP leader because I love teaching and mentoring other students. In high school I was a private tutor and I thoroughly enjoyed mentoring students. Once I was in UROP and realized that I could further develop this experience, I immediately joined the opportunity. My research experience from UROP has enriched my academics at FSU, so I desire to share and encourage future student researchers!"

Can you tell me more about USSTRIDE? 

"USSTRIDE is part of the FSU College of Medicine's outreach program, [which] is for pre-medical students who want to fulfill the FSU College of Medicine's mission statement in their future endeavors...[With a USSTRIDE scholarship], I completed a Certified Medical Assistant course. Completing this course has introduced me to introductory concepts of medicine and fostered my patient communication skills. This opportunity for me was the first step toward my future goal of attending medical school. I am incredibly grateful for this program which has opened many doors of opportunity for me and other members. I encourage every pre-medical student to join!"

What is your position at the Internal Medicine Unit at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital like? 

"I started this position in January as part of my externship for the medical assisting course. I have gained an incredible amount of learning experience at TMH. I have [direct] patient care experience and am able to truly see how a hospital staff functions as a team, which has been nothing but an honor and a privilege."

What are your future aspirations? 

"My future aspirations consist of not only continuing the path towards medical school, but to maintain and further develop myself into an individual [in whom] people can find community and feel loved and appreciated— to me that’s more important."



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