Spring 2020 Graduates

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University Honors

Destiny Abrams Communication Disorders - BS
Shannon Ament Biological Science - BS
Aliza Anderson Exercise Science - BS
Loren Ayres Environmental Science - BS
Thomas Ayzenshtat Biological Science - BS
Caitlin Baird Psychology - BS
Aidan Barbato Biological Science - BS
Sarah Barber Family and Child Sciences - BS
Andrew Barone Nursing - BSN
Jacob Bartfield Accounting - BS
Ryan Bausback Applied/Comp Mathematics - BS
Sara Beck Exercise Physiology - BS
Jessica Bissey Economics - BS
Zachary Blashinsky Biochemistry - BS
Julia Bodolay Theatre - BA (VA)
Alexandria Bosch Actuarial Science - BS
Sara Bosek Biochemistry - BS
Alayna Bradley Exercise Physiology - BS
Amy Brecker Merchandising/Product Dev - BS
Siobhan Brennan Political Science - BS
Marly Bressler Marketing - BS
Garrett Brown International Affairs - BS
Juliana Bruno Hospitality & Tourism Man - BS
Stephanie Busse Environmental Science - BS
Samantha Cacurak Criminology - BS
Rebecca Caro Actuarial Science - BS
Rebecca Castellano Marketing - BS
Jonathan Chappell Clinical Professions - BS
Loukas Charalambous Finance - BS
Diana Cheney Psychology - BS
Amber Chu Management Info Systems - BS
Yu Chu Instrumental Music Ed - BME
Kinord Cinord Clinical Professions - BS
Kimberly Clemons Digital Media Production - BS
Elizabeth Coen Communication Disorders - BS
Shayna Cohen Economics - BS
Carly Colonna Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Emily Colpack Environment & Society-BS
Audrey Cooper Information Comm/Technology-BS
Elianna Cooper Lit / Media / Culture - BA
Regan Cotton Actuarial Science - BS
Haley Crabb Social Work - BSW
Alannah Cranwell Social Work - BSW
Claire Cummiskey Psychology - BS
Kayla Cusick Chemical Eng/Biomedical - BS
Nico D'Angelo Biomathematics - BS
Rida Darji Exercise Physiology - BS
Elizabeth Dash Political Science - BS
Ellis Daugherty Nursing - BSN
Aaron Deese Exercise Physiology - BS
Colin Denny International Affairs - BS
Charly DeVito-Hurley Economics - BS
Caroline Deyoe Food & Nutrition Science - BS
Julia Di Bella Criminology - BS
McKenzie Dickey Biological Science - BS
Elizabeth DiLauro Environment & Society-BS
Cameron Dinnie Marketing - BS
Maia Donahue History - BA
Gabrielle Donofrio Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Maggie Dowd Economics - BS
Sarah Downing Actuarial Science - BS
Christen Earle Criminology - BS
Allison Earley Economics - BS
Laura Elkin Psychology - BS
Jenna Ellinger Professional Sales - BS
Devin Elliott Psychology - BS
Joshua Eloi Finance - BS
Brooklyn Farrell Psychology - BS
Erin Fenske Nursing - BSN
Alexa Frank Finance - BS
Dylan Garcia Music/Liberal Arts - BA
Riley Garrison Applied/Comp Mathematics - BS
Emily Geraghty Finance - BS
Raian Giawashi Psychology - BS
Morgan Gibson Criminology - BS
Nacia Goldberg Interdisc Social Science - BS
Lindsay Goldring Family and Child Sciences - BS
Daniella Gonzalez Behavioral Neuroscience - BS
Joshua Gottlieb Family and Child Sciences - BS
Damian Grant Applied/Comp Mathematics - BS
Elizabeth Greiner Elementary Education - BS
Meghan Griffin Economics - BS
Ashton Hagen Biochemistry - BS
Sloane Haines Meteorology - BS
Anna Hale Finance - BS
Stephanie Hamilton Music/Liberal Arts - BA
Nicole Hansen Communication Disorders - BS
Madeline Harding Economics - BS
Delaney Harkins Biological Science - BS
Amanda Harris Finance - BS
William Harwell Management - BS
Rebecca Henderson Marketing - BS
Samantha Hicks Biological Science - BS
Tyler Hicks Real Estate - BS
Madison Higginbotham Spanish - BA
Maiya Hinton Management Info Systems - BS
Angela Hodapp Biological Science - BS
Erin Hourigan Nursing - BSN
Benjamin Hoyle Economics - BS
Leah Huff International Affairs - BS
Madelyn Hughes Nursing - BSN
Matthew Israel Mechanical Engineering - BS
Kathryn Jagers Nursing - BSN
Anna Jara Psychology - BS
McKayla Jasch Clinical Professions - BS
Eva Johnson Interior Design - BS
Meagan Johnson Nursing - BSN
Graham Jones Biochemistry - BS
Ancy Jose Varghese Humanities - BA
Marvin Kalms Statistics - BS
Kelly Kaps Exercise Physiology - BS
Alyssa Karavitis Biological Science - BS
Kristin Kasimati Exercise Physiology - BS
Cecilia Kauffman Information Comm/Technology-BS
Jessica King Interdisc Social Science - BS
Khari King Exercise Physiology - BS
Kelsey Kite Media/Communication Studies-BS
David Krijgsman Environment & Society-BS
Christian Kuffer Physical Science - BS
Angelina Lam Risk Management/Insurance - BS
Mirdens Lambert Environment & Society-BS
Victoria Landron Information Comm/Technology-BS
Inga Lee Exercise Physiology - BS
Stephanie Lee International Affairs - BS
Paige Levanti International Affairs - BS
Aaron Levine Lit / Media / Culture - BA
Christine Lopez Psychology - BS
Alexandra Mackey Food & Nutrition Science - BS
Jennifer Magi Civil Eng/Environmental - BS
Starr Mandell Family and Child Sciences - BS
Grace Manno Exercise Physiology - BS
Benjamin Martin International Affairs - BS
Amber Matherne Actuarial Science - BS
Logan McCord Biological Science - BS
William McDonald Management - BS
Julia McFadden Athletic Training - BS
Sofia Medina Applied/Comp Mathematics - BS
Anne Messenger Exercise Physiology - BS
Zoe Michael Exercise Physiology - BS
Dalton Miles Chemical Engineering - BS
Amanda Mills Risk Management/Insurance - BS
Alex Moerschbacher Information Technology - BS
Alexandra Morse Risk Management/Insurance - BS
Aisha Naushad Clinical Professions - BS
Kayla Neal Merchandising/Product Dev - BS
Agnieszka Niedzialkowska Marketing - BS
Samantha Norden Family and Child Sciences - BS
Manuel Osaba Comm/Public Relations - BS
Scarlett Ossorio Voice Performance - BM
Jacqueline Pantin Economics - BS
Isiah Parfait Spanish - BA
Lily Parker Biological Science - BS
Ankit Patel Chemistry - BS
Jessica Pavlov Biological Science - BS
Connor Perez Interdisc Social Science - BS
Matthew Pittman Chemical Engineering - BS
Griffin Pratt Biological Science - BS
Kaitlin Price Political Science - BS
Katherine Price Accounting - BS
Charlotte Puopolo International Affairs - BS
Alexis Radermacher Criminology - BS
Austin Ragusa Finance - BS
Curran Recinos Actuarial Science - BS
Mikayla Reiser Finance - BS
Shelby Remmel Biological Science - BS
Spencer Renne Biological Science - BS
Alexis Restrepo Exercise Physiology - BS
Mikayla Rickard Elementary Education - BS
Joseph Rittenhouse Information Comm/Technology-BS
Daniella Rivera Biological Science - BS
Emma Rodriguez Media/Communication Studies-BS
Alexandra Roses Commercial Entrepreneurship-BS
Sydney Rundle Media/Communication Studies-BS
Brett Rutherford Media/Communication Studies-BS
Emma Salters Communication/Advertising - BS
Giana SanGiovanni Marketing - BS
Phoebe Scheidegger Art History - BA
Emily Scott Marketing - BS
Alisson Sealy International Affairs - BS
Taylor Sennett Athletic Training - BS
Gregory Short Political Science - BS
Amy Siceloff Biological Science - BS
Kyla Siefert Family and Child Sciences - BS
Hannah Simpkins Political Science - BS
Daniel Smith Finance - BS
Nina Sotolongo Creative Writing - BA
Kaitlyn Sparacio Nursing - BSN
Sydney St. Clair Finance - BS
Anastasia Stichter Exercise Physiology - BS
Noah Stone Piano Performance - BM
Kristen Swinski Actuarial Science - BS
Zuzanna Szulc Marketing - BS
Diana Tang Instrumental Music Ed - BME
Sydney Tavares Chemical Eng/Biomedical - BS
Emma Taylor Family and Child Sciences - BS
Antoinette Thomas Finance - BS
Helen Thurtle Criminology - BS
Morgan Timmerman Clinical Professions - BS
Victoria Tompkins Psychology - BS
Alysia Treacy Anthropology - BS
Joe Uthuppan Exercise Physiology - BS
Sarah Van Keuren Elementary Education - BS
Emma Vargas Athletic Training - BS
Jennifer Walker Psychology - BS
Kimberly Ward Biological Science - BS
Jaclyn Weinell History - BA
Laurel Wellman Family and Child Sciences - BS
Karen Wetzel Psychology - BS
John White Accounting - BS
Kathryn Whitesell Family and Child Sciences - BS
Tobias Whitford Biological Science - BS
David Williams Accounting - BS
Catherine Williams Actuarial Science - BS
Tara Williams Hospitality & Tourism Man - BS
Jacob Wilson Media/Communication Studies-BS
Natalie Wilson International Affairs - BS
Samuel Wirth Sociology - BS
Charlotte Wollermann Clinical Professions - BS
Andrew Woodle International Affairs - BS
Anna Wuest Biomathematics - BS
William Wynne Political Science - BS
Claire Young Theatre - BA (VA)
Stephanie Zech Biological Science - BS
Victoria Zilbergleyt Communication Disorders - BS
Dustin Zimmerman Risk Management/Insurance - BS
Stanley Zimmerman Biological Science - BS

Honors in the Major

Anxhelo Agastra Meteorology - BS
Hannah Alderson Chemical Eng/Biomedical - BS
Taylor Ariko Chemical Eng/Biomedical - BS
Alec Bailey Cell/Molecular Neuro Sci - BS
Bethany Beal Psychology - BS
Victoria Bell Communication Disorders - BS
Gillian Boyce Physics - BS
Chase Boyer Asian Studies - BS
Serena Bradshaw Psychology - BS
Arianna Broad Biological Science - BS
Brian Brown Music Composition - BM
Bethany Brownrigg Theatre - BA (VA)
Tyler Burnett Communication Disorders - BS
Tomas Cabezas Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Chloe Carames Psychology - BS
Carrie Carusone Motion Picture Arts/Prod.-BFA
Alana Chang Biological Science - BS
Elise Chavez Physics - BS
Annika Ciul Motion Picture Arts/Prod.-BFA
Victoria Clear Meteorology - BS
Rebecca Cooperman Communication Disorders - BS
Skyler Cox Creative Writing - BA
Patricia Crawford Statistics - BS
Alexander Dabbs Psychology - BS
Zoe D'Alessandro Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Mariam Dawodu Psychology - BS
Maarten De Haan Physics - BS
Shae Demandt Motion Picture/Digital Art-BFA
Caleb Dros Creative Writing - BA
Jonathan Durrance Psychology - BS
Jacob Dvorak Philosophy - BA
Michael Ebert History - BA
Salma Elsheikh Clinical Professions - BS
Daniel Emanuel Biological Science - BS
Niccolla Emanuel Media/Communication Studies-BS
Wessley Ferguson Biochemistry - BS
Stephanie Fischer Art History - BA
Stephen Fodroczi Music/Liberal Arts - BA
Samuel Glickman Finance - BS
Emma Graumlich Anthropology - BS
Anisha Gupte Motion Picture Arts/Prod.-BFA
Arria Hauldin Anthropology - BS
Geena Hernandez-Solis Motion Picture/Digital Art-BFA
Zig Hinds Psychology - BS
Nicholas Holt Creative Writing - BA
Bailey Houghton Studio Art - BA
Carley Huffstetler Biochemistry - BS
Jared Ifland Philosophy - BA
Alejandro Jarmel Lit / Media / Culture - BA
June Kassolis Communication Disorders - BS
Kyle Kehrer Physics & Astrophysics - BS
Julianne Kelly Political Science - BS
Dylan Leathe Meteorology - BS
Alexis Lehnert Communication Disorders - BS
Phebe Lemert Biological Science - BS
Victoria Li Chemistry - BS
Katherine Lohr Communication Disorders - BS
Jaime Lopez International Affairs - BS
Sahara Lyon Art History - BA
Ruchikkumar Makadia Biological Science - BS
Jose Martinez Psychology - BS
Jacob Mason International Affairs - BS
Sabrina Mato International Affairs - BS
Cameron Matoska Psychology - BS
Marlan McInnes-Taylor Computer Science - BS
Sebastian Mejia International Affairs - BS
Anthony Micciche Physics - BS
Lucy Miree Humanities - BA
Connor Mooneyhan Mathematics - BS
Thomas Murphy Physics - BS
Eli Myron Biological Science - BS
Selina Nevin International Affairs - BS
Katherinne Peralta Laguna Digital Media Production - BS
Adira-Danique Philyaw Social Work-BSW (PC,FL)
Royce Pokela Mechanical Engineering - BS
Megan Proctor Psychology - BS
Nicholas Proenza-Smith History - BA
Christian Ragland Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Alexis Ramos Digital Media Production - BS
David Ramos Instrumental Music Ed - BME
Fabio Rivero Physics - BS
Gabriela Rodriguez Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Kevin Sanders Chemical Eng/Biomedical - BS
Dana Santangelo Psychology - BS
Atalya Santos Digital Media Production - BS
Kirsty Scott Physics - BS
Matthew Smith Environmental Science - BS
Dylan Spears Communication Disorders - BS
Emelia Thompson Psychology - BS
Madeline Uible Chemistry - BS
Maria Villalobos French - BA
Christopher Violette Motion Picture Arts/Prod.-BFA
Amanda Wacker Biological Science - BS
Nicholas Wellman Biological Science - BS
Shane Whitney Economics - BS
Jessica Willette Communication Disorders - BS
Scott Williams Economics - BS
Ricardo Zamarripa Chavez Interdisc Social Science - BS
Christopher Zdyrski Biological Science - BS
Zoe Zirlin Communication/Advertising - BS

Dual Honors

Michael Anand Meteorology - BS
Rachel Bowns Psychology - BS
Moira Conley Music/Liberal Arts - BA
Ryan Dingman Mechanical Engineering - BS
Paris Gilstrap International Affairs - BS
Joseph Guidubaldi Biological Science - BS
Tawni Hatcher Chemical Eng/Biomedical - BS
Abigail Huetteman Biological Science - BS
Caroline Knowles International Affairs - BS
Grace Michaels International Affairs - BS
Emily Onimus Acting - BFA
Clio Perkins Motion Picture/Digital Art-BFA
Kaitlyn Prezioso Exercise Physiology - BS
Alex Puntney Finance - BS
Jenna Rabinovitch Management Info Systems - BS
Taylor Rich Political Science - BS
Garrett Shost Mathematics - BS
Andrey Shults Biochemistry - BS
Morgan Skala Chemistry - BS
Jake Toyota Lit / Media / Culture - BA
Michael Vreones Biological Science - BS
Kirstie Walters Biochemistry - BS

Outstanding Senior Scholar

Alexander Adams Political Science - BS
Evan Albury Psychology - BS
Cara Axelrod Psychology - BS
Holden Bradley International Affairs - BS
Michael Campanella Physics - BS
Robert Cotter Biological Science - BS
Rachael Dirr Editing, Writing & Media - BA
Chanelle Dupuis French and Spanish - BA
Jessica Folsom Biological Science - BS
Steven Foster Industrial Engineering - BS
Brendan Gerdts Political Science - BS
Katherine Goodwin Communication Disorders - BS
LaRae Harris Finance - BS
Jalicia Lewis Political Science - BS
Allison Marino Art History - BA
Kendall McDonald Creative Writing - BA
Mallory McGovern International Affairs - BS
Eric Meincke Instrumental Music Ed - BME
Emma Moody Media/Communication Studies-BS
Lauren Moran Psychology - BS
Ashley Moses Biological Science - BS
Luke Ourednik History - BA
Joseph Peetz Physics - BS
Sarah Phinney Communication Disorders - BS
Simon Prado Political Science - BS
Katherine Shapiro History - BA
Leah Singleton International Affairs - BS
Jacob Spainhour Mathematics - BS
Caleb Stephens Economics - BS
Justin Stow Meteorology - BS
Cady Ujvari Psychology - BS
Trevor Wilpon Professional Sales - BS
Savannah Woller Psychology - BS
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