University Honors Program

Engage in a vibrant community of high-achieving scholars committed to interdisciplinary growth.

5 FSU University Honors Female Students with masks. Students are wearing casual clothes, including shorts. Student #1 (far left) has long blonde hair and glasses, and is holding a canned drink; Student #2 is wearing a garnet FSU cap, has long light brown hair and is holding a plate of cut melon fruit. Student #3 has long blonde hair and is wearing a white baseball cap with an embroidered pineapple and is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt. Student #4 has blonde hair in a tight ponytail and is wearing a garnet tanktop. Student #5 is has dark brown hair in a pony tail. She is wearing a red tank crop top and dark shorts. She is holding her phone.

University Honors Students in the Nancy H. Marcus Great Hall (Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House)

University Honors is a vibrant and engaged community of student scholars that excel both in and outside of the classroom. University Honors students focus on their social, intellectual, and personal development through academic, service, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership opportunities. The Honors Program creates unique resources designed to facilitate the success of honors students.

As a member of University Honors, students have access to specialized honors advisors and are able to enroll in smaller honors classes, which provide closer interaction with classmates and professors, as well as greater opportunities for intellectual challenges. Within University Honors, students also take inquiry-based, interdisciplinary Honors Signature Courses, taught by honors instructors selected for their teaching expertise, innovative approach, and commitment to student success. Honors Signature Courses are further enriched by a variety of co- and extracurricular engagement experiences beyond the classroom, which serve to solidify and extend student learning. By taking both Honors Signature Courses and honors sections of core courses required for their degree, students are able satisfy general education requirements, as well as earn points toward University Honors graduation requirements. Learn more about the honors courses on the Course Information page.

University Honors students also have the opportunity for admission into a number of premier programs across campus: Presidential ScholarsHonors Legal ScholarsSeneff Honors Business Scholars, and Honors Medical Scholars

University Honors students are some of the most engaged and active students on campus. They can be found conducting groundbreaking research with faculty, competing for National Fellowships, serving on the executive boards of many student organizations, and more! Honors students have access to a variety of engagement experiences beyond the classroom and also have the opportunity to to take on leadership roles by ideating, planning, and assisting faculty and staff with coordinating events. Students may also choose to participate in the Honors Student Association (HSA), which hosts engaging social and professional development events that encourage peer-to-peer relationship building. The honors community is an environment designed to offer meaningful undergraduate opportunities that help support students in maximizing their experiences. 

Honors student Exclusive ADVANTAGES

All University Honors students are granted priority registration and are the first to register for classes each semester. Students may apply to live in Landis Hall, a premier honors-only residence hall in the middle of campus.  Students may also apply for Honors Funding and Awards to assist with  expenses for study abroad in one of FSU's many international programs, as well as attendance or presentation at a conference. 


Students join University Honors as incoming first-year students or after their first semester at FSU. Students are accepted into the University Honors Program by application only. University Honors students have the opportunity for admission into a number of premier programs across campus. More details on the University Honors admissions process and application information can be found here.


Co- and extracurricular experiences serve to extend student learning outside of the classroom. They include immersive excursions and field trips, research experiences, expert speaker luncheons, music and theatre events, as well as collaboration with honors faculty on undergraduate publications, blogs, and other campus initiatives. More information can be found here.

Honors Advising - The Honors Program offers the opportunity to meet with an honors advisor. Read more about this option here.

Visiting Honors - We are always happy to meet with prospective students and their families. Read more about visiting the Honors Program here.

Honors Program Director, Dr. Schwabe, chats with a University Honors student about their campus involvement and academic goals for the semester.

Dr. Annette Schwabe, chats with a University Honors student about their campus involvement and academic goals for the semester.

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