Honors Medical Scholars Program

Get a head start on Medical School

The Florida State University College of Medicine has joined forces with the Honors Program to create a professional-track program available, on a highly competitive basis, to a small number of motivated first-year students in each incoming Honors class. The program gives students a head start on their chosen careers by allowing them to become members of the College of Medicine community while they are still undergraduates.

Please note that the Honors Medical Scholars program is not a Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Philosophy (BS/MD) program. While not guaranteeing admission into the College of Medicine, FSU Honors Medical Scholars who successfully complete the program and pre-medical requirements will be eligible to apply to the FSU College of Medicine through the early decision process. The program allows eligible students to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree of their choice. In some cases it may be possible to finish the undergraduate and M.D. degrees in seven years depending on college credits earned before enrollment at FSU.

Honors Medical Scholars benefit from participation in a special seminar course, a mentorship program, premed prerequisite courses, medical and community volunteer activities, and the Honors Medical Scholars Society and other student organizations.


Eligibility for the Honors Medical Scholars Program is limited to graduating high school students who have been offered 1) first-time in college freshman admission to Florida State University AND 2) an invitation to the University Honors Program; both admission and the invitation must be achieved by specific dates.

Interested students must apply for general university admission by November 1, 2018 to receive timely notification of admission to the university and a timely invitation to the University Honors Program. Upon invitation to the Honors Program, students interested in the Honors Medical Scholars Program must submit a completed application by February 19, 2019.

2019 Honors Medical Scholars Application

Students who have been accepted into the Honors Program for Fall 2019 are eligible to apply for the Honors Medical Scholars Program. TO BE ADMITTED TO THE HONORS MEDICAL SCHOLARS (HMS) PROGRAM, you must:

1) Be admitted to FSU on January 31, 2019.

2) Apply to the FSU Honors Program by February 19, 2019 and be accepted in early March.

3) Apply to the Honors Medical Scholars Program by February 19, 2019.

If you are interested in the program, we encourage you to apply to HMS before the deadline to avoid a late application. You may apply to HMS when you apply to the Honors Program. Formal review of your HMS Program application occurs after you have been accepted to the FSU Honors Program in February. The HMS application and letters of recommendation must be completed and received by the College of Medicine Honors Medical Scholars Program Office by the published deadlines.

The application is available here.


Contact the Honors Office for more information.

Program Flyer

To view the Honors Medical Scholars Program flyer, click here.

Special Feature: Honors Medical Scholars Society

The Honors Medical Scholars Society was founded in 2008 and is focused on preparing its members for a future in the field of medicine. In 2010-2011, its members fulfilled goals of outreach, service, and personal growth by participating in an international service learning trip to Nicaragua; volunteering and raising money for several charitable organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and Relay for Life; and visiting with local high school students to encourage them to pursue a career in medicine or a medical-related field. The Honors Medical Scholars Society provides an opportunity for Honors Medical Scholars to get to know their peers, helping to facilitate the transition to college life and the demands of premed courses and activities.


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