Retention & Graduation Requirements


To remain in good standing in the program, all Honors students must:

  • Maintain a 3.2 FSU GPA throughout the duration of their time to degree
  • Take and pass Honors Colloquium (HUM 2944) during the student's first fall semester on main campus
  • Earn a C- or higher in ENC 2135 during their first academic year in honors
  • Complete at least 7 honors credit hours by the end of their second year

Graduation Requirements

To be recognized as an Honors graduate, students must complete the online Honors Graduation Application by the designated date during your graduation semester. The application may be found here:

The deadline to submit the Honors Graduation Application for Spring 2021 graduates is 4:00 pm on Friday, March 5, 2021..

Honors Finisher:

Students who are considered to have finished the University Honors Program have the phrase "Completed Requirements of Liberal Studies Honors Program" noted on their transcripts and earn an honors medallion. To earn this designation, students must have a final 3.2 GPA upon graduation and meet the Honors points requirement as outlined below. To become an "Honors Finisher" and have this distinction on your transcript, students must earn eighteen (18) honors points, which are usually honors credits earned through course work, but may also include up to 5 points from other achievements.(see tables below)

Tips for calculating Honors Points

Honors Coursework (Minimum of 13 credit hours)

The 18 honors points must include a minimum of thirteen (13) semester hours of honors course work (honors sections of regular courses, honors seminars, the Honors Colloquium, honors augmented courses, directed individual study (DIS), graduate classes, and Honors In The Major work) and the student must receive the following grade/assessment:

Honors Course Type

Grade Needed for Graduation Requirement from Honors Program and Towards Honors Medallion

Honors E-Series Course

Must receive a C- or better

Honors Colloquium Course

Must receive an “S” [Satisfactory under S/U grading]. This is also required to be retained in the Honors Program.

Honors Sections of Regular Courses

Must receive a C- or higher

Honors Augmented Courses

Must receive a C- or higher

Honors Individually Augmented Course

Must receive a B- or higher

Honors Directed Individual Study (Variable Credit)*

Must receive a B- or higher*

Graduate Classes

Must receive a C or better (cannot be taken S/U; note it is a C or better, not a C-)

Honors in the Major Thesis Hours

Must receive a B- or higher for  University Honors students.

(Honors in the Major students must receive a C- or higher.**)

*Much like an Honors Individually Augmented course, the Honors Directed Individual Study course’s topic is chosen by the student, requires close mentoring by the faculty member and should reflect high-level independent work.

**A grade of C- or higher in the Honors in the Major thesis course meets the requirements for completion of the Honors in the Major thesis, even if it does not meet grading requirements for the course to count toward completion of the University Honors requirements.

Other Achievements (Maximum of 5 Honors Points)

Any other remaining honors points needed to reach the 18 Honors points total can be earned through any combination of achievements listed below:

Each of the following achievements earns one point towards the total 18 honor points required. An achievement may be duplicated for additional points.

Each of the following achievements earns three points towards the total 18 honor points required for the Honors Program.

A student who finishes both the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major Program earns special recognition and has both distinctions noted on their transcript.

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