The Honors in the Major (HITM) Program

The Honors in the Major Handbook provides comprehensive information about all aspects of the Honors in the Major (HITM) Program at Florida State University. Students who want to participate in Honors in the Major should consult the Handbook for guidance about how to get started and apply. Students can also reach out to the faculty honors liaison in their college, department, or program for additional help.

The Honors in the Major Program allows students to take their college experience to the next level. HITM students complete a thesis project based on research or creative activity done in their major area of study. This advanced research project allows students to work closely with top-tier faculty to produce innovative and groundbreaking work. This process helps students hone their research and presentation skills, preparing them for the rigors and challenges of the professional world.

To be eligible, students must have a minimum 3.200 GPA and at least 60 college credit hours, with two full semesters to go before graduation. The rewards are worth the work. By successfully completing and defending their thesis project, students earn the distinction of "With Honors" in their area of study. Those who complete both HITM and the University Honors Program receive special recognition at the annual Honors Medallion Ceremony and earn both distinctions on their transcript.

Questions about the program should be directed to Dr. Michael David Franklin, Assistant Director of the Honors in the Major Program, at

Below are Fall 2023 deadlines for the Honors in the Major Program.


Fall 2023 Deadlines

Required Document(s) Deadline
Defense Announcement Form September 22, 2023, by 4:30 p.m.
Prospectus Approval Form October 13, 2023, by 4:30 p.m.
Defense Certificate Form and final thesis submission to DigiNole December 8, 2023, by 4:30 p.m.
Application to start HITM in Spring 2024 November 24, 2023, by 4:30 p.m.