Honors News

 Celebrating our Honors community's lifelong commitment to intellectual curiosity. 

FSU Awards 339 Honors Medallions to Spring 2024 Graduates.

The FSU Honors Program supports the efforts and talents of the university's most intellectually curious students who have the potential, dedication, and drive for creating change. 


FSU Honors in the Major Faculty Mentors Awarded

Three faculty members awarded Honors Thesis Mentor Awards, for their work with students on original research thesis projects. 

Honors Faculty Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities 

Associate professor and Honors Teaching Faculty, Tarez Samra Graban, awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities summer stipend grant. 

14 Honors in the Major Students Collect 2024 IDEA Grant

14 Honors in the Major Students awarded the IDEA Grant to continue undergraduate research. 

Honors Student Association Awarded 2024 Vires Award

The HSA Executive Board was awarded the 2024 Vires award for their continued commitment to the Honors community.

FSU Honors Program Visits Washington, D.C.

Honors students visited Washington, D.C., on alumna-sponsored trip to learn from media experts.  

Student Star: Anna Speer

Honors student Anna Speer awarded Student Star for her research on how sensory deprivation flotation therapy can affect the creative process. 

Seneff Honors Scholars Celebrated

The fifth cohort of Seneff Honors Program Scholars were celebrated at a medal ceremony with James M. Seneff. 

Honors Teaching Faculty Recognized for Creative Learning Environment

Dr. Azat Gundogan is recognized for his interdisciplinary Honors Signature Courses that encourage Honors students to think critically on urbanization in the Global South. 

Student Star: Chloe Wain

Honor student Chloe Wain receives FSU Student Star for her continued work supporting low-income communities through research and public legal services. 

Honors Students Present at Florida State Capitol 

Honors students, Charlie Campbell and Illeana Sanders, presented their Honors in the Major thesis research at the Florida Undergraduate Research Association's Posters at the Capitol.

Student Star: Andy Mills

Honors in the Major student Andy Mills award FSU Student Star for their work exploring the intersection between both visual art and creative writing.

Student Star: Andrea emanuelli

Honors in the Major student Andrea Emanuelli awarded FSU Student Star for her work in nutrient analysis of Alaskan fishing waters.