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Honors Program


University Honors Program

Freshman who have been accepted to FSU can apply to be part of the University Honors Program, a community of high achieving students dedicated to success both inside and outside the classroom


Honors in the Major Program

Junior and Senior FSU students can earn Honors in the Major by completing and defending an Honors Thesis in their major


Presidential Scholars

The Presidential Scholars award is the premier undergraduate merit scholarship at Florida State University. The program provides four years of support and is open to high school seniors who are admitted into the Florida State University Honors Program.


  • Jones-600x400.jpg

    Honors Spotlight

    Nat Jones

    "FSU has been a great place for me to develop skills in research, leadership, service and figuring out my place in this world."

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  • Brockdorf-600x400.jpg

    Honors Spotlight

    Alexandra Brockdorf

    "I am indebted to FSU for empowering me to pursue my individual goals and interests even before my very first day on campus."

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  • Palin-600x400.jpg

    Honors Spotlight

    Tara Palin

    "I want to be able to impact at least one person's quality of life for the better."

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  • Gorday-600x400.jpg

    Honors Spotlight

    Julia Gorday

    "If I got the chance to spend my life working to help others, I could not be more rewarded."

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  • Baldwin-600x400.jpg

    2017 Honors Graduate

    Serena Baldwin

    "If I have genuinely improved the health and well-being of even one student, then I have been successful."

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  • ciara-bennese-600x400.jpg

    Honors Spotlight

    Ciara Bennese

    "The values of Vires, Artes, and Mores are values to live by not only in college but through all of life."

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  • amanda-schell-600x400.jpg

    2017 Honors Graduate

    Amanda Schell

    "My extracurricular activities were essential to my undergraduate experience at Florida State -- there is more to the collegiate experience than just academics!"

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  • Boose_Will.jpg

    Presidential Scholar

    Will Boose

    Looking back on his collegiate experience at Florida State, graduating Honors student Will Boose says "the abundance of experiences at FSU is astounding and allows you to learn a lot about yourself"...

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  • HatcherAlexa.jpg

    Student Spotlight

    Alexa Hatcher

    As a child, Alexa attended to her suffering grandmother as her condition progressively declined due to lung disease. It was durign this time that Alexa began to fell the vocational draw to a career in healthcare...

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  • Jacqueline Rojas.jpg

    Alumni in the News

    Jacqueline Rojas

    A 2015 Florida State University alumna has earned a distinguished graduate studies fellowship from the U.S. Agency for International Development and Howard University.

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  • Savannah Savadel.jpg

    Honors Spotlight

    Savannah Savadel

    Savannah Savadel has crafted a unique experience for herself at Florida State University over the past three years, combining her ambition in academia with her positive spirit for community service outside of the classroom...

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  • Roberto Flores.jpg

    Featured Honors Student

    Roberto Flores

    FSU Honors student Roberto Flores has received a 2017 fellow by Humanity in Action. As a selected winner of the John Lewis Fellowship, Flores will travel to Atlanta, GA, and explore issues related to restorative justice.

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  • CaitlinStrawder-3x2.jpg

    Alumni in the News

    Caitlin Strawder

    Caitlin Strawder, a 2013 Honors graduate of Florida State University, has won a prestigious Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship supported by the U.S. Department of State...

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  • Briana Whitehead.jpg

    Student Spotlight

    Briana Whitehead

    Biology Honors graduate Briana Whitehead wants to pursue a career researching mechanisms on a molecular and biochemical level...

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  • RachelDrummey.jpg

    2017 Honors Graduate

    Rachel Drummey

    After graduating from FSU with Honors, Rachel Drummey is off to the University of Oxford as a Frost Scholar. This Honors alumna will travel to the United Kingdom to begin her studies in radiation biology in October...

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  • ARO.jpeg

    Academic Recruitment Organization

    A New Way to Recruit

    The Academic Recruitment Organization (ARO), founded in 2015 by Presidential Scholars William Boose, Amanda Schell and Sophie Rottenberg, is designed to recruit high quality students from high schools around the country through student-to-student style communication...

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