Signature Courses

These small, interactive courses exclusive to the Honors Program intersect multiple thematic and interdisciplinary boundaries providing students opportunities to engage topics creatively.
Examples include: 

Historic Landscapes, Imagined Worlds: Ancient History Through Gaming

Explore how the history of the ancient world is represented in tabletop and video games. Debut your own game during a playtesting event.


Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Ethics, Religion, and Superheroes

Examine the historical development of ethical norms in the United States through the lens of superhero mythology.


Food and Drink in the Ancient World

Analyze patterns of food production, preparation, consumption, access, and taboos within the historic and geographic context of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds.


Mapping the Middle Ages

Study the medieval period's rich cross-cultural trade, travel and scholarship. Think about where our assumptions about the past come from and why it matters.


America Abroad

Understand the history of U.S. presence abroad by analyzing cultural texts produced by and/or for a U.S. audience. 


Global Urbanization

Learn about the development of cities and the diversity that exists within them -- how cities adapt to cultural and demographic backgrounds within populations. 



Upcoming Honors Courses

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