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Two female honors students. Student on left is of Asian descent and has long dark brown hair and garnet shirt. She is smiling. Student on right is an African American female with hair pulled back into ponytail. She is wearing an FSU athletic looking shirt with the Seminole logo on the front. She is smiling. Background shows that students are in the Great Hall in the HSF Building on campus.

University Honors FAQs

For questions about the University Honors Program, please follow the link above. Should you have additional questions, please contact the FSU Honors Program or call our main office at (850) 644-1841.

Student is looking through camera lens at subject of photograph. Background is dark and student's hair is illuminated by back lighting. Student has dark hair with bangs, with hair in braids. She is wearing off-the-shoulder black top with red bandana tied around her neck.Honors in the Major Student-Anisha Gupta-Film-Spring 2020

Honors in the Major FAQs

For questions about the Honors in the Major Program, please follow the link above. Should you have additional questions, please contact the Honors Program or call our main office at (850) 644-1841.

Three core honors faculty. Far left is tall man in suite with tie. In the center is female faculty in white mock turtleneck and glasses with name badge. Male faculty member on right is wearing a light blue buttoned down shirt with tie. He has dark short hair. All three are smiling for the camera. From left to right: Dr. Ross Moret, Dr. Christina Owens, and Dr. Azat Gundogan.

Teaching & Mentoring in the Honors Program

Information for faculty members, interested in teaching an honors course (honors sections, Honors DIS, Individual Honors-Augmented Courses, and Honors Signature Courses), may be found here by clicking the link above.

"Elias Larralde-Fall 2020 Honors Conference Attendance Award Winner"

Grants & Funding

University Honors and Honors in the Major students are eligible to apply for several grants and awards to supplement their undergraduate experiences. 

Image of yellow flowers in a field. Sky in background it light blue with clouds.

Student Assistance Resources

Campus and community resources are available, should you need assistance during the semester with financial difficulty, housing or food insecurity, physical or mental challenges, difficulty keeping up with classes, accommodation needs, or are looking for more scholarship opportunities.