Ross Moret, Ph.D.

Honors Faculty - Dr. Ross Moret Headshot

Ross Moret received his Ph.D. from Florida State’s Department of Religion where he studied in the Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy program. Professor Moret’s teaching and research interests focus on Christian and Muslim political ethics, and he is particularly invested in understanding the ways that social science can contribute to our understanding of how norms are developed, maintained, and challenged in group life. His work on politics, religion, and ethics has appeared in The Journal of Religious Ethics, the Journal of Religion and SocietyReligions, and Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal. In his courses, Dr. Moret enjoys teaching students how to think carefully about contemporary ethical issues in creative ways.

Dr. Moret also serves as the Faculty Director for Power of WE (Power of We (, a group that works to foster civil dialogue, as well as the Honors Program's liaison for the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights. He grew up in South Dakota, but before coming to FSU Professor Moret earned graduate degrees from Florida Atlantic University, Valparaiso University, and Princeton Theological Seminary. If you see Professor Moret around town, he’s probably headed to a musical or sporting event in support of his two sons.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Ethics, Religion, and Superheroes – IDH 3119
This course uses superhero mythology as a lens through which to view the historical development of ethical norms in the United States since the late 1930s. Students will learn how to unpack the ideological meanings of these stories while thinking critically about the political, historical, philosophical, psychological, and religious ideas that are reflected in the mythology. In wrestling with these ideas, students will also be challenged to develop their own notions about American societal norms.

Freedom and Religion: Muslim and Liberal Perspectives - IDH 3140
By addressing issues such as free speech, sexual mores and identity, and military ethics, this course examines the ways that norms and practices associated with Islamic traditions are put into conversation with the norms of liberal democracy.

Race and Religion in America Today: The Legacies of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements - IDH 3611
Focusing on the legacies of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, this course explores the ways that appeals to religious concepts and identities have influenced racial relations and politics in America.

Us & Them: Navigating Disagreements in a Polarized Society - IDH 2602
Contemporary society is deeply divided along political, cultural, regional, religious, racial, and socioeconomic lines. This course will help students to understand the sources of those divisions and develop strategies to navigate our polarized society.