Honors in the Major

This web page is no longer updated. Please visit the following URL for current HITM web page with current deadlines: https://honors.fsu.edu/academics/honors-major

Honors in the Major Students-Thesis Director Photo with Hannah Alderson, Dr. Samuel Grant, and Taylor Ariko

Honors in the Major Student-Faculty Thesis Director Pairing (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING)
Left to Right: Hannah Alderson, Dr. Samuel Grant, and Taylor Ariko.

Students will work with this committee to select a topic, develop a prospectus, complete a written document based on their research or creative project, and defend their project orally before the committee. This process normally takes two to three semesters, during which students will register for six to nine hours of 4000-level HITM credit. Once they have completed and successfully defended their project, students will graduate "with honors" in their major, a distinction that is announced during commencement and designated on the graduate's official transcript (not the diploma).

FSU developed the Honors in the Major Program to encourage students to explore their major disciplines in greater depth by completing a research or creative project, and the program is open to all qualified FSU students (see admission requirements here). While many students conduct traditional research­, the program also supports the creative endeavors of students in majors such as Creative Writing, Dance, Film, Music, Studio Art, and Theatre. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about admission to the program, program requirements, funding opportunities, and the recent activities of our current students.

Students who intend to apply to Honors in the Major Program must complete their application, submit it through the online portal, and receive email notification they have been approved to begin the program before they can add HITM credit hours to their schedule.


This web page is no longer actively updated. Please visit the following URL for current HITM deadlines: https://honors.fsu.edu/academics/honors-major


The Honors in the Major Handbook provides an in-depth overview of relevant policies, processes, and resources. Students may also find additional support from campus partners, providing tools for student-led research. For more information, visit the Handbook, Forms and Resources page.


The Honors in the Major Program coordinates several awards for students and faculty. In addition, students are encouraged to apply for funding and awards in their major departments, other offices at FSU, and from national and international organizations.


Upper division students from disciplines across campus participate in an undergraduate thesis project. It provides the student an opportunity to look deeper into an area of interest and work with faculty members, who assist with direction and guidance throughout the process.

If you have additional questions not answered by the Honors in the Major Handbook, send an email to HITM@fsu.edu for a response within one to two business days.

Or, feel free to email HITM@fsu.edu to schedule a virtual meeting with Dr. Franklin to discuss Honors in the Major.

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