Tyler McCreary, Ph.D.

Tyler McCreary, Ph.D.-Honors Teaching Scholar Photo

Dr. Tyler McCreary is an associate professor in the Department of Geography at Florida State University. His research examines how settler colonialism and racial capitalism inflect processes of environmental, labour, and community governance in North America. His research has analyzed themes such as how North American environmental governance processes address Black and Indigenous community concerns; the differential impacts of sociotechnical transitions in North American labour markets; and how urban and regional governance processes relate to the historic marginalization of Indigenous and Black families living in towns and cities.

To learn more about Dr. McCreary, visit his webpage on The Department of Geography's website: https://geography.fsu.edu/people/tyler-mccreary/

Environmental Justice - IDH 3404

This course engages with the history, core concepts, and effects of the environmental justice movement, examining how race and class interact to produce and sustain environmental inequities. Foundationally, it approaches environmental issues from a lens attentive to issues of social justice. Course materials highlight the need to address thorny environmental issues and their long-term consequences including the disproportionate burdening of historically marginalized communities with debilitation, displacement, and death.

[Requirements Satisfied: Diversity, Social Science, and Upper Division Writing (UDW).]