Retention and Graduation Requirements



To remain in good standing in the University Honors Program, we require that students:

  • Maintain a 3.2 FSU GPA throughout the duration of their time to degree.
  • Successfully complete the Honors Colloquium course (HUM 2944) in their first semester
  • Successfully complete one Honors Signature course during their first or second year in the University Honors program.

Successful completion of the Honors Colloquium means earning a grade of S. For more information about the Colloquium experience, see: Honors Colloquium. Successful completion of a Signature Course requires earning a C– or better. For more information about our courses, please visit: Honors Courses.

Graduating Class Summer 2023

Graduation Requirements

To be recognized as a graduate of the University Honors Program, students must complete the graduation requirements for their program and submit the online University Honors Program Graduation Application by the designated date during their graduation semester.

Students must earn a total of 18 honors points to graduate with University Honors as an honors student. These 18 honors points may be earned through:

  • Honors Coursework (Minimum of 13 Honors credit hours)
  • Honors Achievements (Maximum of 5 Honors Points)

Coursework consists of the Honors Colloquium, Honors Signature Courses, Honors-Augmented or Individual Honors-Augmented Courses, Honors Directed Individual Study (DIS) Courses, graduate classes, or Honors in the Major thesis work. More information regarding eligible honors coursework can be found at Courses.

Honors Achievements allow students to engage in learning experiences beyond the classroom and apply their knowledge to unique opportunities. Due to the nature of the requirements, some achievements, such as the completion of Garnet and Gold Scholar Society and UROP, may not be duplicated for additional points. Each of the following “Achievements” earns students one point.

  • Thirty Hours of Service. This must be approved by ServScript and noted on unofficial transcript the semester before graduation. Note: There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Completing UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program)
  • Serving as an Honors Colloquium Leader
  • Serving as a FIG (Freshman Interest Group) Leader
  • Serving as a UROP Leader
  • Serving as a Chart Your Course Peer Navigator, CARE T.E.A.M. Leader, or First Year Connections & Success Leader
  • Presenting a paper or poster session at a regional, state, or national conference. To qualify to earn points in this category, students must provide a copy of the conference program showing the student presented at the conference.

Each of the following “Achievements” earns students three points:

While we recommend that students diversify what they do to earn honors points, earning honors points through Achievements is not a requirement. Please note that all 18 honors points can be earned via honors coursework.

Distinction at Graduation

Students who successfully complete the University Honors Program requirements earn the transcript distinction, "Completed Requirements of Liberal Studies Honors Program" and will receive a University Honors Program Medallion. Students who complete both the University Honors Program requirements and the Honors in the Major (HITM) program will earn special recognition and have both distinctions noted on their transcripts. 

Students who complete both program requirements and maintain a 3.900 GPA or higher will be recognized as an Outstanding Senior Scholar.