Mentoring with Honors

Do you remember what it was like when you first started college? Before you got your first "real" job?

Looking back, do you wish someone could have helped you along the way and given you real world advice from a profession you aspired to follow?  Imagine what a difference it would have made to have been able to talk to someone about what the future could hold.

That's the idea behind our Mentoring with Honors program. We are looking to connect current Honors students with Honors alumni and friends -- people like you who are in a position to share what they learned in college and how they've applied that learning since graduation. Mentoring with Honors gives you the opportunity to work with some of the brightest and hard working students the university has to offer. 

Program Details:

  • Open to all Friends and Alumni of the FSU Honors Program
  • Mentor/mentee matches are finalized after both parties have formally met or agreed on a relationship over the phone.
  • The length of the match is to your own discretion, but the Honors Program encourages at least one semester.
  • Every attempt is made to match all interested mentors with mentees, but not all mentors are matched each year.

Mentor Responsibilities:

As a mentor, you will:
  • Develop supportive relationships with your mentee by sharing information about your own successes, failures, career choices, and life experiences.
  • Help your mentee understand how the material they are learning in the classroom will apply to broader life and work experiences in the future.
  • Share your ideas, give advice, and be a resource of support.

Student Responsibilities:

As the mentee, each student will: 
  • Respect the mentor and take note of the constructive feedback being offered.
  • Listen to the mentor's advice and be actively engaged.
  • Offer ideas on what activities you can do together and ask questions.

Time Commitment:

  • About 1-2 hours per month
  • Connect once or twice a month with your student by phone or e-mail

Visit the form linked below to sign up to become a mentor. If you've already signed up, you may resubmit the form at any time to update your profile.

Become an Honors Mentor


If you have questions about the Mentoring with Honors program, please contact Rebecca Velez at

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