Camilla May

"Camilla May, Honors in the Major Student and Fall 2021 Bess H. Ward Thesis Award Winner"

Thesis: Can CBD Protect Against Olfactory Inflammation and Neuronal Loss?

Thesis Director:  Dr. Debra Fadool, Department of Biological Science 

"I first started research on CBD in the Fall of 2020 as a DIS researcher in Dr. Debra Fadool's lab. My main project explored the anxiolytic effects of CBD on a transgenic line of mice with heightened anxiety. I ran behavioral tests that assessed anxiety, memory, and ADHD, and I performed statistical analyses on the data obtained from these tests. Doing this research led me to explore the other therapeutic properties of CBD; I asked the following question: Can CBD protect against olfactory inflammation and neuronal loss? This question led me to start my Honors in The Major project.

I would like to thank the Florida State University Honors Program for selecting me to receive the Bess H. Ward Honors Thesis Award. This generous award gave me the capability of running the tests and procedures that I needed to complete my honors thesis. Much of what I needed to do to sufficiently complete my thesis required funds that this award graciously provided me. I was thus able to run immunohistochemical analyses that in turn helped me answer my question. This award has helped bolster my interest in research; I now hope to continue my journey in neurobiological research. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for all the opportunities I was granted with my undergraduate research."

-Camilla MayFall 2021 Bess H. Ward Thesis Award Winner