Catalina Caceres

""Catalina Caceres, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner

Major: Criminology

"Hello! My name is Catalina Caceres! I am a second-year Honors student majoring in Criminology and a member of UROP. I had the incredible opportunity to present my UROP research project, “The Impact of COVID-19 on “Sisterhood” and “Brotherhood” in Fraternity and Sorority Life” at the Southern Sociological Society annual conference. There I gained valuable lessons in public speaking and networking in ways that I would never have been able to had I not attended. Aside from presenting a paper and poster, I observed many other sessions in sociology's criminology/criminal justice subsection. These sessions showed studies of COVID-19 and childhood inequality and the effects of the criminal justice system on invisible populations such as incarcerated mothers, fathers on child support, and the children of incarcerated parents. The part that interested me the most was the policy implications of these findings. For example, most of the papers presented at the COVID-19 and childhood inequality session discussed possible changes to minimize the harmful effects of a pandemic and isolation on children, which are the most susceptible to social and academic delays. One study on the continuity of services during the pandemic brought to light the systematic issues in delivering trauma-informed services. It gave suggestions such as more youth diversion programs, better access and delivery of these services, and providing support to service providers. Without the Conference Presenter Award, I would not have been able to attend this conference and expand my horizons on the effects of our criminal justice system and inspire effective policy change. "

-Catalina Caceres, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner



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