Delaney Williams

"Delaney Williams, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner"

Majors: Political Science & International Affairs

"I agreed to present at the Honors Education at Research Universities [HERU] Conference just days after I became the new Director of Power of WE in December 2021. I couldn’t have predicted how stressful coordinating and preparing for a trip like this would be. I had never been to an academic conference before or traveled this far by myself. However, being awarded the Honors Conference Presenter Award made the process effortless. I was able to focus on arranging for my travels and working on perfecting my presentation without having to worry about the finances. This award allowed me to demonstrate the positive impact that Power of WE has had at Florida State University and how its relationship with the Honors Program makes the work that we do possible. I was honored to speak on behalf of our community and represent FSU at this gathering of faculty, staff, and students of major universities. I [met] with other organizations at different schools that had goals similar to those of Power of WE, which was incredibly insightful. I was also lucky enough to have discussions with attendees about my academic future. But perhaps most importantly, I was able to provide answers and ideas to the other attendees, most of them honors faculty, from a student’s perspective. I am so very grateful for the Honors Conference Presenter Award for making this amazing opportunity possible and FSU Honors for allowing me to represent the program."

-Delaney Williams, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner



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