Emilee Wigglesworth

Emilee Wigglesworth is originally from Sarasota, Florida. She received her BA in English (2021) from Florida State University. During her time in undergrad, she completed a creative thesis in the Honors in the Major Program and won the George and Ruth Yost Award for Best Personal Essay and the Steven D. Schloff Undergraduate Creative Writing Award for Poetry.  

Emilee joined the Honors Program as the Program Associate in November of 2023. She is happy to be stationed at the front desk and act as the first point of contact for students looking to meet with an advisor or another staff member! If you have any questions about the Honors Program, she is here to answer the phones and speak with prospective students, current students, and parents.   

When Emilee is not in the office, she enjoys playing pool with her partner, walking the trails of Tallahassee, writing poems and creating collage art out of her extensive collection of National Geographic magazines.