Gabriel Pfeuffer-Ferguson

"Gabriel Pfeuffer-Ferguson, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner"

Majors: Interdisciplinary Social Science (Concentration: Urban Studies)

"The funding provided to me by the Honors Program had one of the most beneficial impacts of my collegiate experience so far. The funding allowed for me to present at the bi-annual Honors Education at Research Universities  [HERU] Conference, and this was my first collegiate experience presenting at a conference. If I had not received this funding, I would not have been able to afford such an eye-opening trip. Out of the over 200 attendees to this conference, I only met three other students. This meant I was forced out of my comfort zone, which allowed for me to work on my communication skills with those older and more experienced than I am. Since this conference was aimed at staff members of honors programs, I was able to listen to presentations about forming curricula and recruitment methods that yield more diverse and engaged honors students. These presentations and the open discussions that happened at the end of each presentation opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in higher education administration. I was able to have several conversations with recruiters, deans, and professors from across the United States. These people informed me of their own methods for success within higher education, and I aim to bring these skills to our own honors program this upcoming year as I serve as the President of the Academic Recruitment Organization (ARO) and attempt to recruit the most high-achieving, passionate, and diverse class of Honors students yet."

-Gabriel Pfeuffer-Ferguson, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner



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