Admission to Honors in the Major

Students do not need to be part of the University Honors Program in order to start their Honors Thesis. In fact, any FSU student with a 3.2 GPA (both FSU and cumulative) and 60 credit hours completed at the time of application may begin work on their thesis. Additional requirements are in place for specific majors, so be sure to consult your department's Liaison for more details.

To learn all about applying to and preparing for the Honors in the Major Program, read the Honors in the Major Handbook. The Handbook provides a thorough, more in-depth overview of the information provided below.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Applications for the Fall 2019 Semester have now closed.  Students wanting to begin their thesis in Spring 2020 must turn in their applications no later than Friday, November 22, 2019 at 4:30pm EST. 

Psychology majors can apply online here.  

 Admission Requirements

  • Must be a current FSU student
  • Must be formally accepted into your major
  • Must have a 3.2 GPA (FSU and Cumulative)
  • Must have at least 60 completed college credits
  • Must have at least 12 completed FSU credits
  • Must have at least 2 semesters remaining until graduation

Finding a Thesis Director

The first step in beginning your application will be finding your thesis director. Your thesis director should be a full-time tenured or tenure-track FSU faculty member in your major. If your major is in a department or program with few to no full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty, you may nominate a full-time specialized FSU faculty member if they have a terminal degree in the field. You may already have a faculty member in mind, but if you're not sure who in your department might be a good fit, you can reach out to the Liaison for your department. Most departments at FSU also have faculty research interests listed on their website.

Choosing a Topic

Once you have recruited your thesis director you will work together to clarify a working title for your research. Although this title may be changed, it should give a clear idea of what your research will be about. Often this working title will appear on your transcript, so it is important that it accurately reflect the content of your research.

Your thesis director may also be able to share valuable insights on broadening or narrowing the scope of your research to make sure you are able to conclude your project within your anticipated timeline.

Setting Your Timeline

You will also need to discuss your timeline with your thesis director. You are required to complete a minimum of 2 semesters and 6 credit hours in order to earn Honors in the Major. These semesters should be consecutive, with the exception of the summer semester if you will not be on campus. You can take up to 9 credit hours of Honors thesis work over 3 semesters if necessary. All requirements must be met and your thesis must be successfully defended before graduation from FSU with your bachelor's degree.

Project Approval

In order to officially start work on your project you must fill out the application and have it approved and signed by your thesis director, the liaison for your major, and your department chair. Once it has been approved by your department you must turn it in to the Honors Program office in room 2003 HSF by the application deadline. If you or your department wishes to retain a copy of the application, please inform our staff as you turn it in.

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