Extensions and Appeals

Students admitted to the HITM Program are expected to meet paperwork deadlines and project milestones, as well as maintain a minimum 3.200 GPA (FSU and Cumulative, not rounded to the third decimal place). Missed deadlines or milestones and/or dipping below a 3.200 GPA will result in removal from the HITM Program. Program requirements are reviewed in-depth in the Honors in the Major Handbook.


If extraordinary circumstances prevent adherence to the deadlines or milestones, the student must send an email to HITM@fsu.edu (cc: the faculty director in the email) with an explanation and a request for an extension. This emailed request assumes you have already previously spoken to the faculty director about the request. The email must be received at least three business days before the deadline.

  • Extension requests will not be considered if they do not come from both the student and the faculty director.
  • Two weeks, or ten business days, is the maximum extension that can be requested.
  • The Director of Honors will evaluate requests in consultation with the Assistant Director of Honors in the Major and make a decision.
  • Decisions regarding extension requests will be communicated to the student and the faculty director within three business days of receipt.
  • Extension requests made after a missed deadline or milestone will not be considered.


Students have the right to appeal their removal from the HITM Program.

  • Students must complete the HITM Appeal Form stating the details and reason for reconsideration.
  • No additional edits to the submission is allowed and the Director of Honors in consultation with the Assistant Director of Honors in the Major will evaluate the appeal.
  • Appeals must be submitted within two weeks (including holidays and weekends) of the missed deadline in question or notification of removal from the program.
  • The Honors Program will contact the student with the decision within two weeks of the appeal request.
  • Only one appeal request may be submitted per student.
  • If an appeal is granted and a student is subsequently removed from the HITM Program due to failure to meet requirements, no additional appeals are possible, and removal from the program is final.
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