Honors Liaisons


If you do not see an honors liaison listed below for your department or program, the chair or director of your department or program should be consulted with questions about Honors in the Major. In such instances, the chair's or director's signature will suffice for the honors liaison signature on the HITM application.

Accounting Dr. Bruce Billings
Art (BFA/BA in Studio Art and Graphic Design) Professor Carrie Ann Baade
Art History Dr. Jack Freiberg
Asian Studies Dr. Lee Metcalf
Biological Sciences Dr. Janie Wulff
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Dr. Rufina Alamo
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Ken Goldsby
Chinese Dr. Aimée Boutin
Civil and Environmental Engineering  Dr. Qian Zhang
Classics Dr. Trevor Luke
Communications Dr. Patrick Merle
Communication Science and Disorders Dr. Kelly Farquharson
Computational Science Dr. Bryan Quaife
Computer Science Dr. Daniel Schwartz
Criminology  Dr. Patricia Warren-Hightower


Dr. Hannah Schwadron
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science - Environmental Science Professor Jeff Chanton
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science - Meteorology Professor Jon Ahlquist
Economics Dr. Michael Hammock
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Sastry Pamidi
English Dr. Rhea Estella Lathan
Entrepreneurship Dr. Srikant Manchiraju
Film School(Motion Picture Arts) Dr. Lisa Tripp
Finance Dr. William Christiansen
French Dr. Aimée Boutin
Geography Dr. J. Anthony Stallins
German Dr. Aimée Boutin
History Dr. Jonathan Grant
Hospitality Dr. Sean McGinley
Humanities Dr. Kathyrn Cashin
Industrial Engineering  
Information Technology Dr. Paul Marty
Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Dr. Elizabeth Foster
Interior Design Dr. Yelena McLane
International Studies Dr. Whitney Bendeck
Italian Dr. Aimée Boutin
Japanese Dr. Aimée Boutin
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Dr. Lee Metcalf
Management Dr. Bruce Lamont
Management Information Systems (MIS) Dr. Lance Kerwin
Marketing Dr. Luke Hopkins
Mathematics Dr. Alec Kercheval
Mechanical Engineering  
Middle Eastern Studies Dr. Zeina Schlenoff
Music Dr. Nancy Rogers
Nursing Dr. Jim Whyte
Nutrition, Food & Exercise Sciences Dr. Chester Ray
Philosophy Dr. John Roberts
Physics Dr. Andrew Askew
Political Science Dr. Amanda Driscoll
Psychology Dr. Jon Maner
Real Estate Dr. Dean Gatzlaff
Religion Dr. Joseph Helweg
Risk Management & Insurance (RMI)  
Russian Dr. Aimée Boutin
Russian and East European Studies Dr. Lee Metcalf
Social Work Dr. Pam MacDill
Sociology Dr. Lisa Munson
Spanish Dr. Aimée Boutin
Theatre Dr. Beth Osborne
Women's Studies Dr. Maxine Jones
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