Prospectus Semester


Students in their first semester of Honors Thesis research should begin by writing their research prospectus, and having it approved by their thesis director and all members of the faculty committee.

To learn more about the Prospectus Semester, read the Honors in the Major Handbook. The Handbook provides a thorough, more in-depth overview of the information provided below.

The Prospectus

**The HITM Prospectus Deadline for Spring 2021 is Friday, February 19, 2021, by 4:30pm Eastern.**

Students should submit their approved prospectus and signed Prospectus Approval Form via the online portal.

The research prospectus serves as a research proposal, giving the committee background information about the project and similar research, outlining the methods, and discussing the expectations for the projects' outcome. Specific requirements for a prospectus are discipline-specific, and students should contact their thesis director to discuss expectations about format, length, and content.

The research prospectus should be a minimum 10 pages of text, plus documentation (works cited, appendices, images, etc.). The creative prospectus should be a minimum of three pages of text, plus documentation (works cited, appendices, images, etc.)

The purpose of the prospectus is to define the scope of your research thesis or creative project, and to clarify the steps you will take in researching and writing or implementing your work. A strong prospectus typically includes some, if not all, of the following elements:

  • A description of your project's nature and purpose, the issue(s) you will address, and their significance in your field.
  • A critical review of related work in your field, to provide background information and demonstrate the need for your project.
  • Your proposed research methods, along with an explanation of why your approach is appropriate for your research or creative activity.
  • Preliminary bibliography.

Students must turn in a PDF file of their prospectus with a signed copy of the Prospectus Approval Form via the online portal by the Friday of the 7th week of classes. 

Electronic Signature Options

You must secure all signatures on one form. Do not submit three different PDF files, each with one signature. Also, because of how the online portal reads e-signed PDFs, you should "print" the e-signed and completed form as a new PDF before submitting so that all signatures will remain visible once you have uploaded to the online portal.

Your options for securing electronic signatures include:

  • HelloSign - An e-signature platform with a free option to receive three signatures per month, or a free trial to receive unlimited signatures. Please note that if you opt for the free trial, you should choose the monthly option ($20/month) instead of the annual option ($180/year) in the event the trial ends and you are charged.
  • DocuSign - An e-signature platform free to use for FSU faculty and staff. You may either ask your thesis director to circulate a form on your behalf for signatures, or you may pay $10/month for a single user account for sending out up to five documents a month.
  • Electronic signatures on a PDF - All HITM forms have been formatted for electronic signatures. If your thesis director and committee members are able to sign a PDF electronically, you may circulate the same PDF file to each individual. 

The Faculty Committee

The Faculty Committee for an honors thesis is chaired by the thesis director, and should be comprised of a minimum of three, maximum of four full-time tenured, tenure-track, or specialized faculty. Visiting faculty members and post-doctorate researchers are also eligible to serve as a committee member. Graduate students are not eligible to serve as a committee member. Students should consult the Honors in the Major Handbook for additional information.

The structure of the committee is as follows:

  • One thesis director from the student's major
  • One additional faculty member from the department that houses the student's major (some departments house more than one major)
  • One "outside" faculty member from any department other than that which houses the student's major
  • An optional fourth faculty member from any department.

Members of the faculty committee must read and approve the student's prospectus as well as the final thesis, and are required to be present for the formal defense. When selecting a faculty committee, it is important to go over a proposed timeline, and give the committee member an opportunity to discuss any conflicts with their schedule.

Additional Considerations

At this stage, students may also need to consider what will be required for them to successfully complete their research. This may include, but not be limited to:

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Legacy Priority
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