Honors Students Attend the Human Rights and Climate Crisis Workshop in Oxford, UK

Oxford Human Rights Seminar Flyer

Human Rights and Climate Crisis Workshop

Oxford, uk

From June 28 – July 3, a cohort of five Florida State Honors Program students traveled to Oxford, UK, to attend a workshop addressing the topic of Human Rights and the Climate Crisis. The workshop was hosted by the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights (Oxford Consortium for Human Rights), which has been holding teaching and research seminars in Oxford and around the world since 2012. The workshop featured presentations by and discussions with leading climate scientists, legal scholars, ethicists, and social scientists.

FSU’s cohort was recruited and led by Honors Program faculty member, Dr. Ross Moret, and it included honors students Megan Arteaga, Ansley Bilyeu, Annie Blanchard, Sara Boles, and Bailey Bouk. In preparation for the workshop, the cohort read and discussed a series of readings concentrating on climate change and human rights. They also developed a presentation addressing the impact of climate change on Native American peoples in Florida, and they delivered it on the last day of the workshop. And, of course, the group took in the sites of Oxford!


Student Reflections


Ansley Bilyeu

"Attending the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights, along with fellow students who I now call friends, provided more than the “new perspective on Human Rights and the Climate Crisis” that was promised beforehand. The opportunity to learn from and sit in the same room as individuals leading and changing their fields with incredible passion is one I will never forget. As I have continued my own studies, whether that be regarding the climate crisis (which I can now speak on with confidence), human rights, or another interest, I feel a new inspiration to be bold, to be passionate, and to fully live out the ambitions that I have gained during my time at FSU. I plan to continue learning about and sharing all that I discovered  “during my time studying at Oxford” to best aid the slowing of the climate crisis, and I hope to encourage others to do the same along the way."


Megan Arteaga

"The opportunity to attend the Oxford Universities Consortium of Human Rights has hugely impacted my academic experience at FSU. Being able to travel abroad and listen to many researchers, scientists, professors, and directors from big institutions like the United Red Cross was an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of my favorite parts of the program was meeting some new colleagues and presenting our own developed research to the consortium. The summer 2022 human rights topic for the consortium was the climate crisis. This experience was extremely valuable for my major, which is ISS in Environmental Public Policy and Geography. I learned much more about the climate crisis and how it is intertwined with human rights. Although it was nerve-racking to fly out of the United States for the first time, what I got to experience attending the consortium was more than I could have envisioned.”  


Bailey Bouk

"Presenting at the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights was an amazing opportunity that will undoubtedly define my undergraduate career. Before arriving at Oxford, I was passionate about climate change but unsure how to transform my feelings into actions. Often, climate change has a way of feeling hopeless and inevitable, something that can kill ideas and action before they have the chance to take root. However, after attending and presenting at the Consortium, I felt not only more knowledgeable about the intersection of climate change and human rights, but also more confident in my ability to advocate. Listening to renowned experts present about their fields and engaging in intense discussions with my fellow attendees instilled in me a desire to take personal action, and even more, a sense of hope. I am excited to bring what I have learned back to Florida State’s campus."


Sara Boules

"Having the opportunity to attend the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights has been the most meaningful experience of my undergraduate career thus far. Learning from professors, climate scientists, and peers from colleges across the nation allowed me to not only partake in important academic discussions, but also gave me memories from abroad that I will never forget. The genuine ambition to make our world better for all was evident in every student and instructor in attendance at the Consortium, which furthered my motivation to pursue a career related to Human Rights. I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have had through the Honors Program at FSU and I would highly recommend this opportunity to all interested."


Annie Blanchard

"The FSU Honors Program has given me countless opportunities to pursue my academic and professional goals, but attending the Oxford Human Rights Consortium was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The ability to collaborate with students from across the world, learn from Oxford faculty and  nonprofit leaders, and have in-depth discussions about human rights was incredible. This experience gave me clarity on my desire to go into human rights advocacy work in the future, and I’m so thankful to FSU for making this dream opportunity a reality!"