Jacob Azriel

"Jacob Azriel, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner"

Thesis: The Tallahassee 3 March 2019 EF-3 Tornado

Thesis Director:  Dr. Henry Fuelberg, Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science (Meteorology)

"I am incredibly grateful to have received the Bess H. Ward scholarship to fund my conference experience. I am very grateful that this opportunity exists at Florida State because it allows students to share their research with professionals and other students in their field. Presenting at a conference also provides a multitude of experiences, including public speaking outside of the classroom.

With the help of this funding, I attended and presented research at the American Meteorological Society Student Conference in Houston, Texas. This research was my preliminary findings from my Honors in the Major thesis titled, The Tallahassee 3 March 2019 EF-3 Tornado. Presenting at this conference also allowed me to gain different perspectives on my work and pose new research questions, expanding my work."

-Jacob Azriel, Spring 2022 Honors Conference Presenter Award Winner



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