Student Resources

Course Information
Students in the University Honors Program have the option of earning honors credits through several different avenues. This page provides more information on the types of courses Honors students are encouraged to take and information on the Honors Directed Individual Study.

Forms for Honors Students
If you are in search of a particular form and don't know where to find it, this is your one-stop-shop of all the forms the Honors program might ask you to complete. 

Funding and Awards
Students in the Honors and Honors in the Major Programs qualify for certain awards and grants funded by the Honors Program. This page provides additional information on the awards exclusively offered to Honors students.

Graduation Requirements
If you are in the Honors Program and hope to graduate as an "honors finisher", you must complete the Honors Medallion requirements. Guidelines on how to graduate with Honors are found on this page.

Honors Peer Mentors

Freshman starting in the Honors Program can request a Peer Mentor who can answer questions, give advice, and generally be a friendly face on campus. Our Mentors are outstanding students from a variety of majors, and are dedicated to creating a community of students who help each other succeed.

Honors Student Spotlight
The Honors Program has a long history of providing recognition and support for outstanding students on campus. The 1932 mission statement outlines the Honors Program as a way "to provide enlarged opportunities for students; to give them a challenge and an incentive; to develop initiative, resourcefulness, and reliance; to present knowledge in terms of fields, not courses." Today, we are looking to recognize those students who have taken advantage of the "enlarged opportunities" and shine a "spotlight" on their noteworthy achievements. Each month, the FSU Honors Program will recognize one exceptional Honors student. These students excel in his or her respective fields and serve as role models for the Florida State community. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you know, please fill out this form.